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Testing the Limits of Audiences, Theatre & Technology

Iain Aitch

The days have long past when the word ‘theatre’ solely refers to the experience of sitting in a fold-down red velvet seat facing a stage-full of actors. But in an…

Joshua Feist308

Influencing the Culture Change: Interview with Diane Ragsdale

Tandi Williams

Based at Erasmus University in Rotterdam after six years at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Diane Ragsdale researches and talks about cultural economics with a specialism in the performing arts….


Giving Digitally – learnings and tips from the National Funding Scheme

Paul Cutts & William Makower

Paul Cutts, CEO and William Makower, Trustee of the National Funding Scheme share their learning around the digital giving platform DONATE

Recent Project Launch


Talking Statues Project Launch

The Talking Statues project goes live, giving voice to over thirty five statues across London and Manchester

Digital Culture survey now open


How fast is technology moving in the arts?

Details on how to take part in the major survey this summer

Museums on Native

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Budgeting for Innovation: A few things I wish Iā€™d known

Arts producer Suzy Glass shares her tips and insights into budgeting for a digital project.

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Understanding what young people really want

Do arts organisations know what young people want? And can they compete technologically? Eleanor Turney investigates.

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