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Art, wi-fi and a walk in the park

Chris Sharratt

“We don’t want geeks – we want people who are thinking in different ways.” Curator and artist Simon Poulter is explaining the commissioning approach for NetPark – a digital art and education project…


Supporting a deeper relationship between audiences and film-makers

Iain Aitch

Depending on where you sit, the growth of electronic media has either been disastrous or liberating for the music and film industries. On the one hand, piracy is up and…

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Business Model Guides

With business model being such a common buzz-phrase in the arts today, Native takes a detailed look at this important innovation concept.

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5 ways to make remote working work

Tips on how to make the most out of a distributed project team

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An exploration of sixteen key building blocks to successful Digital R&D projects

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R&D Fund Glossary

Words, concepts and tools that have been important to the R&D Fund projects so far. Defined.