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Ben Hammersley

It’s easy to break out the toys. Asked to write about the possibilities that technology gives the arts, I could be forgiven for pimping out my favourite new thing. 3D…


The F Word

Mark Robinson

When was the last time you read an annual report that openly confessed failure? While startup & digital culture is well conversant in the language of experimentation, iteration and failure, within the arts — be it the funders or the funded — there is a taboo to talk openly and honestly about what hasn’t worked. Mark Robinson offers a glimpse of a world where failure can be positively framed.

Kyle Rees, Matthew Aubrey & Matthew Gilhooly cr Richard Campbell NTW_308

Three Nationals

David Kettle

The live experience is always unique. But whereas in a lot of industries, digital might feel like it’s a threat to the core business model, we see it only as…

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Budgeting for Innovation: A few things I wish I’d known

Arts producer Suzy Glass shares her tips and insights into budgeting for a digital project.

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Understanding what young people really want

Do arts organisations know what young people want? And can they compete technologically? Eleanor Turney investigates.

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