Project: Cambridge Junction

The project is exploring the creative potential of live coding to provide new pathways for young people into digital music. It involves the creation of a customisable and codable musical instrument based on the Raspberry Pi computer. The project also explores the international phenomena of Live Coding as an emerging art-form and seeks to empower young people as co-producers. The project seeks to develop a new business model for art organisations to engage with schools that will make use of the open source, online tools developed.


Technology Partner
Raspberry Pi
Research Partner
University of Cambridge
Music User generated content
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Research Report Insights

Project Name

Cambridge Junction


Geek Gurl Diaries explores the Sonic Pi project

Rohan Gunatillake

Geek Gurl Diaries is a YouTube web seriesĀ for teenagers who want to be makers and creators of technology. In this episode, they discuss the Sonic Pi project.

Project Story


Sonic Pi: Giving Agency to Young People

Iain Aitch

The beauty of new technology that is aimed squarely at young people is that you know that its use and functionality will be very much in the eye of the…


General insights

Teaching with code requires new assessment frameworks

Working with teachers helped us understand how important it is to have assessment criteria in place.

General insights

It’s hard to engage a classroom remotely

After video recordings failed to engage the first class, face-to-face sessions were adopted to introduce the artists and their role in the project.