Project: MeYouandUs

Arts practice MeYouAndUs will produce TILO, a hybrid display system for cultural venues. It uses digital screens situated in the public spaces of a venue, combined with live feeds and sensors to display engaging, interactive and personalised content. TILO aims to create a dialogue between the arts organisation, the building and its visitors, and will allow artists to carry out their own interventions. The system will be piloted at FACT, the popular cross-arts venue in Liverpool.

Technology Partner
Pixel Inspiration Amaze
Research Partner
Lancaster University
Community Arts Dance Theatre Visual Arts Education & learning Other
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Research Report Insights

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Snapshot Summary: TILO Presentation

A snapshot summary with Alistair Eilbeck from MeYouandUs presenting the insights found from their R&D Fund project TILO. From June 2014. You can also view the video here (1 minute 33 seconds)

Decision Points

Extra projects which take advantage of the TILO platform

We have been developing mini – projects that take advantage of the underlying TILO functionality. Surprisingly a couple of these projects,  look like they have the potential to branch off…

Research findings

Testing TILO at a live exhibition

On Thursday 27th March, FACT launched their new exhibition ‘Science Fiction: New Death’. Alongside this launch, the TILO project undertook the first public testing of the Awakening intervention, which is…

Tools & methods

Key Development Tools lead to improved sleep!

Git: Source Code Management (and improved development work flow). Uptime Robot: Realtime website status notification. LogMeIn and iTeleport: Remote computer management. OAuth: Authentication method to protect your API. TILO has…

Research findings

Making the most out of a data collection strategy

As the end of the first phase of data collection approached, the head of research at FACT approached the our research team and asked how visitors perceived different exhibitions in…

Decision Points

The benefit of multiple research teams

In the next phase of the TILO project we’ll  begin to ask visitors to become members of FACT’s public space in a similar way websites encourage their users to sign…

General insights

Increasing the intelligence of the TILO screens

Our technical team decided to install eye-tracking cameras around the screens which not only record which part of the screen visitors are looking at, but also their gender, rough age…

Decision Points

Changing the curatorial approach

The original intention for TILO was always to explore displaying mixed content e.g. screens would show film times notices mixed with content produced by artists What we hadn’t considered is…