Project: Miracle Theatre Company

Miracle Theatre, a touring company based in Cornwall, will explore whether digital technology can be used to capture, recreate and distribute small-scale productions in innovative and economic ways, while retaining the unique intimacy, engaging quality and ‘liveness’ of these performances.

Technology Partner
Golant Media Ventures
Research Partner
Falmouth University
Theatre Distribution
Grant Awarded
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Download the final project report from Miracle Theatre, Golant Media Ventures and Falmouth University.
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Research Report Insights

Project Name

Miracle Theatre Company

Project Story


Adventures in live-streaming: learning from Miracle Theatre’s first performance

Bill Scott

Miracle Theatre‘s outdoor production of Waiting for Godot visited around 60 different venues during the summer. On 11th September, we re-assembled to prepare for an extra performance at Falmouth University….



Snapshot Summary: Miracle Theatre

A snapshot summary of the presentation from Patrick Towell of Golant Media Ventures talking about their work with Miracle Theatre and Falmouth University.  From February 2014 at an event held at Nesta…

General insights

Making connections with other organisations working in similar ways

The project has generated opportunities to present our learnings so far and our insights into Theatre for Screen at festivals, conferences and meetings to a range of audiences including theatre…

Tools & methods

Multiple file issues for remote teams

Having a number of different versions of the same edited content led to issues over which was the correct version to be made available in the player to the venues…

Decision Points

Allowing time for a collaborative design process

When considering the technical build of the pre-production version of Cinegi we agreed how useful it is to have a good design process. This has included clear wireframes with an…

Decision Points

Planning with IP in mind

Addressing project partner IP issues at the outset in the Collaboration agreement, particularly if the project is to include looking art and developing business models, is really important. Our plan…

Tools & methods

Managing relationships beyond the core team: future methods

Working with Miracle Theatre we (at Golant Media Ventures) have realised that the way in which Miracle manages its relationships with venues and promoters around the booking of the live…