Drawing inspiration from the projects supported by the R&D Fund, this toolkit is a suite of downloadable resources, tips and articles aimed at arts and culture organisations who wish to improve existing digital products and services or develop new ones.

The toolkit takes you through the why, who, what and how of digital product development. The framework for this has been created by a collective of practitioners drawn from arts, media and the R&D Fund supported projects. It is not exhaustive (we have not delved deeply into the exciting realm of content as we assume this is what you and the people you are working with really know about) but we have endeavoured to keep it simple so that some of the principle pieces are relevant to the widest possible number of organisations.

Download the full toolkit

Download the toolkit summary

Download Tool 1: Evidence Planning

Download Tool 2: Six Hats

Download Tool 3: Business Model Canvas

Download Tool 4: Lean Canvas

Download Tool 5: Empathy Mapper

Download Tool 6: Persona Worksheet

Download Tool 7: Value Proposition

Download Tool 8: Stakeholder Map

Download Tool 9: Stakeholder Plan

Download Tool 10: Product Exercise